Dr. Eric Wendelschafer
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Dr. Eric Wendelschafer

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Dr. Wendelschafer from a young age discovered his love for dentistry and learned the value of helping those achieve great oral health and rebuild their confidence. He worked hard and comes from a family deeply rooted in commercial construction and spent most of his life working within the construction industry. That is part of why Dr. Wendelschafer gets so much satisfaction in rolling his sleeves up and getting to work everyday!

Throughout his youth dentistry had always peaked Dr. Wendelschafer's interest and as his mother worked at an oral surgery practice. He spent hours shadowing and talking to the oral surgeons and knew that there was only one thing he wanted to do, become a world-class dentist.

Always the hard-working man, Dr. Wendelschafer is hardly one to walk away from challenges. A track-star in high school, Dr. Wendelschafer earned a scholarship for the track and field team in college, while working as a contractor installing metal roof panels. He was able to juggle his track scholarship duties, school , and building apartments for several years and attended the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health.

His focus on learning and staying up-to-date with the current industry standards means that Dr. Wendelschafer is never done studying dentistry. It is a craft that needs to constantly be honed and he is a dentist who takes that very seriously.

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