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As a group operated by dentists, our strengths and expertise help you enhance your dental practice while taking the stress out of practice ownership. We put patient care above all else to deliver unparalleled dental care to our local communities.
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What our partners are saying

"American Dental Companies gives me the structure and support I need to succeed as an owner and a dentist."

Dr. Kevin Mueller
Arizona Smile Design


What our partners are saying

"ADC has changed the way I approach dentistry and ownership. From the first day we partnered I knew I had drastically improved my practice."

Seraphim Moreira
Litchfield Smiles


What our partners are saying

"American Dental Companies is unrivaled in the dental industry for its practice management and commitment to clinical excellence."

Dr. Christine Gonzalez
Tatum Point Dentistry
The ADC Admin Team Posing for a group photo.
Dental Excellence

We prioritize patient care and outcomes above all else - that starts with a great culture.

At American Dental Companies, we believe that the private practice culture provides the best patient care outcomes. Our affiliated dental practices are owned by doctors and lead by doctors delivering excellence in our patient care, team care and business care. Partnering with us provides both the ownership rewards and the vital support needed to effectively serve our patients, teams and business operations.
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