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A True Opportunity to
Invest in Your Future

We are equipped to help
you secure and build
upon your life’s work.

If you’re ready to partner with a true resource that can take your practice and investment portfolio to new heights, let’s meet. Every partner in our network has stayed on afterward for their careers. This fact is nonexistent in the DSO world.

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Being different is what
makes us successful.

Most DSOs are selfish. To us, there is plenty of opportunity in dentistry to share the upside. Simply put – you will make more money with us than without us. Let us show you how.

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The ADC Team

Our vetted team of dental industry
experts create value where others can’t.

At American Dental Companies, we believe that the private practice culture provides the best patient care outcomes. Our affiliated dental practices are owned by doctors and lead by doctors delivering excellence in our patient care, team care and business care. Partnering with us provides both the ownership rewards and the vital support needed to effectively serve our patients, teams and business operations.

Dr. Adri Rama

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Dr. Christine Gonzalez

Partner and Chief Clinical Director

Dr. Kevin Mueller

Partner and Clinical Director

Dr. Kenneth Williams

Partner and Clinical Coach

Dr. Seraphim Moreira

Partner and Clinical Coach

Steve Hossack

Chief Operations Officer

Tera Gooslby, CPA

Certified Public Accountant

Ramona Haynes

Bookkeeper/Payroll Specialist

Megan Leavitt

Recare Communications Specialist

Lauren Christensen

Insurance Coordinator

Mercedes Figueroa

Insurance Coordinator

Kristina Kelleci

Accounts Receivable

Meet Our Team
Why We're Different Retain ownership interest
in your practice

Track record of substantial growth in
revenue in the first year of up to 30-50%

Retain a share of the profit
with monthly distributions

Opportunities to invest in
other ADC dental practices

Key systems and marketing expertise
create more value

High level of integrity
at every level

Established partner and
vendor relationships

Proactive, innovative,
results-oriented approach

Surgical precision
in budgeting

Live coaching, observing
and case reviews
Anthem Dentistry • Anthem, AZ