Dr. Carter Grampp
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Dr. Carter Grampp

Partner Doctor

Since 1979 Dr. Grampp has been dedicated to providing you with personalized dental care using a gentle touch that will put your worst anxiety at ease. He wants to ensure that your visit is as comfortable as possible and that you are confident that the treatment we provide is proper from the beginning to the sparkling end. He greatly values honesty and works to establish trust between his staff and all his patients. He is passionate about giving you a beautiful smile and believes that his work will impact your overall health and appearance.

Dr. Grampp received his dental education from Northwestern University dental school in Chicago, Illinois. He has spent hundreds of hours attending various continuing education courses to stay current with the ever-changing dental technology and techniques. One of his most valuable assets has been his involvement with numerous professional organizations. He learned a great deal by being a clinical instructor at the Las Vegas Institute for advanced dental studies there; he had the chance to work with many of the best dentists in the world.

He feels blessed to have been able to work and learn from some of the top dentists worldwide and bring this knowledge and experience into every procedure with him. It has allowed him to offer you a comprehensive array of treatments and techniques to achieve the healthiest, brightest smile of your life and maintain those teeth for a lifetime. He does this by laying out the situation clearly and taking the time to personally see that any questions you have are answered. He also gives multiple treatment plans explaining the benefits of each one and helping you decide which is best for you. His goal is to help you make an informed decision and give you control of your oral health.

Dr. Grampp was born in Washington, DC. He grew up in Arlington, Virginia but happily settled down in Phoenix, AZ, after completing dental school. He lives with his wife and enjoys any time he can set aside to spend with her and his six children, six grandchildren, and his dog. He enjoys most sports and outdoor activities, particularly golf, biking, and skiing. He is also a big fan of music and plays the guitar, piano, drums, and sings. When he can, he tries to create and record music at home. This great community has given so much, and he always strives to return its generosity by donating his time and resources.

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