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Dr. Adri Rama

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Adri Rama immigrated to America from Albania to pursue his university studies at Washington State with the goal of becoming a dentist. Dr. Rama majored in Microbiology, completing the degree in 3 years with summa cum laude, and he was accepted to all 8 of the dental schools he applied to.

After finishing dental school at the University of Washington, Dr. Rama moved to sunny Arizona and has owned multiple dental offices while teaching advanced cosmetic and general dentistry to both individual doctors and in a classroom setting. Additionally, Dr. Rama has worked with some of the largest Dental Service Organizations, helping them streamline delivery of clinical care with non-clinical care support.

Working 6 to 7 days a week on clinical care, business operations, CE courses and through working closely with over 200 individual practices and dentists, Dr. Rama was determined to find a better way to achieve a healthier work-life balance while providing the best clinical care possible to patients while still retaining ownership of the dental practice. This led to the doctor-owned and led American Dental Companies. Dr. Rama enjoys supporting both new and seasoned doctors to achieve their professional goals and dreams.

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What our partners are saying

"American Dental Companies gives me the structure and support I need to succeed as an owner and a dentist."

Dr. Kevin Mueller
Arizona Smile Design


What our partners are saying

"ADC has changed the way I approach dentistry and ownership. From the first day we partnered I knew I had drastically improved my practice."

Seraphim Moreira
Litchfield Smiles


What our partners are saying

"American Dental Companies is unrivaled in the dental industry for its practice management and commitment to clinical excellence."

Dr. Christine Gonzalez
Tatum Point Dentistry
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